Birthed from the heart and soul of Jesse Golden- renowned Hatha yoga teacher and Holistic Health practitioner. The Golden Secrets "Yoga For Skin Care" embodies the balance of spirituality and organic beauty. Bringing the foundations of yoga into your every day through supportive daily rituals.

Handcrafted in California, The Golden Secrets  products are multi-purpose synergistic blends of essential oils and plant botanicals for women and men that can be used for body, home, and spirit.

Jesse Golden personally activates every bottle of The Golden Secrets with high vibrational intention and affirmative prayer. Increasing the already powerful frequency of  Mother nature herself.

Every product comes with specific affirmations to recite while applying to further enhance its benefits. Creating opportunities in your daily life to tune in with your highest self for optimal health and purposeful living.

We have begun to understand that many illnesses and ailments originate in the mind and that a holistic approach is necessary for healing both body and mind.
Everything we put into our body matters and what we put onto our skin is no exception. Natural plant botanicals have long been used for their healing effects on the mind, body and spirit. This is not new wisdom, it is ancient wisdom that we must come back to.