Yes! The Golden Secrets is for both genders, all ethnicities, skin's needs and all products can be used for multipurpose. Face, body, hair, ailments, and mind.
No, infact there are specific oils in the Youth beauty Face Oil Serum that specifically combat acne and boost overall skin health. Many people notice more clear skin in the first week.
Some notice more plump and vibrate skin after the first use but more common is within the first two weeks you will visibly see a more youthful glow.
We hope you love your oil but we realize that choosing a scent is very personal and is determined by your natural body chemistry. Everyone's body chemistry is different and is influenced by your diet, hormones, weather, and lifestyle. This is why the same fragrance smells different on different people and during different times of the year.  After applying the oil, wait a few minutes and give it time to adapt and breath. If you are not happy with your outcome then put it aside and try it at a later time. As the seasons change, along with your ever evolving body chemistry, you may respond different to the oil at a later time.
Although our formulas remain the same, each batch can be slightly different. If you can imagine essential oils being much like wine making. The blends are the same but each year has different attributes. Our small batch process ensures that you will be getting the most recent batch to best align with your current disposition.
Yes! We specifically designed the entire line to be used for a multitude of purposes. Every product can be used for skin, face, hair, ailments, aromatherapy, mind, and home.
Yes. At The Golden Secrets we are committed to natural and organic products that compliment your inner and outer beauty without harming the environment or animals.
Yes, 100 % natural ingredients. Produced from only the finest, organic, wildcrafted ingredients. 100% Vegan, Free of GMO's, no harmful chemicals, parabens, or alcohol. We do not use any ingredients that have been synthetically modified or altered in any way.
Many people don’t realize that our skin is our biggest organ so what we put onto our skin matters. So if we are eating organic, exercising and then loading up our system with toxic perfumes that disrupt the delicate balance of our body chemistry, then we are doing it wrong.
We make small batches to ensure freshness. proper storage and care includes keeping your products away from extreme temperatures, (hot or cold) and out of direct sunlight. The Golden Secrets has an average shelf life of 18 months but you will surely use every last drop well before then.