Be Golden Collection

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Be Golden Collection
$ 562.00 $ 488.00

Be Golden Collection

Be Golden Collection
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Nature & Luxury come together in our curated Be Golden Ritual Collection- a complete regimen that provides every step you need for beautiful, glowing skin.  

Every product is obsessively formulated to deliver dramatic results, without a single drop of synthetic chemicals. After just one use of this complete regimen, lines appear softened, pores are minimized and hydration balance is restored, bestowing complete radiance & abundant vitality. Perfect for all skin types.

Comes in a complimentary I AM GOLDEN recyclable toiletry bag and Jesse Golden's 26 page Be Golden Ritual Guide - helping you to optimize your skincare routine + free shipping within the United States.

Included in the Be Golden Set:

1. The Signature Blend Perfume (unisex) A high vibrational blend that works with your own body chemistry to create an alluring scent as unique as you.

2. Day and night erase the first signs of aging with The Youth Beauty Face Oil Serum and achieve an instant Golden glow.

3. Hydrate, replenish and entice with The Aphrodisiac Glow Body Oil. Use as a body moisturizer and added glow before any special day or night.

4. Embrace your shape with The Goddess Shaping Oil. Every day, make it a ritual to contour your body and watch stretch marks and cellulite fade away.

5. Clear negative energy with The Aura Clearing Mist. Do not go anywhere without your magical mist. Use as a beauty elixir  to brighten & tighten the skin, clear your mind, sanitize hands and naturally repel bugs.

6. It is called "The Holy Grail of All Oils" for a reason. The Heal All Oil is the ultimate problem solver for acnes, cuts, scrapes, burns, aging, eczema, arthritis and more.

7. Neutralize body odors naturally with The Tantra Body Powder. Based on Ayurvedic traditions this magic powder is multipurpose and also brings lustre and bounce back to your skin.

8.  Our Instant Glow Facial Mask will activate, clarify and renew your complexion within minutes. It instantly brightens and softens to reveal a smoother-looking Golden glow. You know its working because you can feel it! Comes with beautiful gold application brush*

9. The 24K Gold Plated Vibrational Tool is the hottest thing in beauty. Makes the perfect beauty tool to lock in the anti-aging benefits of The Youth Beauty Face Oil Serum & the Heal All Oil.

10. Awaken to sparkly eyes. Our new innovative 24k Gold Collagen Eye Patches (pack of 3) are formulated with pure gold and cactus collagen to instantly hydrate and regenerate tired eyes.

11.  Make your lips kissably soft, plump & healthy with our USDA Organic Coconut Lip Balm!

The entire kit comes with 8 beautiful affirmation cards pertaining to each product to further enhance the benefits and create healthy, daily rituals of self love.

We recommend using our products exclusively for a few weeks to truly harness their potential and allow your skin time to gently transition into it’s new, radiant and healthy state.